Advanced Energy Systems: Company

Mission Statement: To develop clean, efficient, cost-effective energy systems and resources, and to move with society toward sustainable living on a healthy planet.

Core Business: Project management and engineering for renewable energy and energy efficiency systems including wind, solar, hydro, biomass, storage, and hybrid systems


Project Management:

  • Feasibility assessment
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Project planning and logistics
  • Construction management
  • Due diligence project review
  • Mediation and arbitration

Engineering and Design:

  • System design, analysis, integration, reliability, certification
  • Structural engineering, loads modeling, finite element analysis
  • Electrical engineering, instrumentation, test engineering
  • Hybrid energy system modeling, design and installation
  • Meteorological data collection and analysis
  • Aerodynamic design and analysis
  • Energy efficiency, steam system optimization

Project Partners: Energy project developers, financiers, engineering firms, government agencies, international agencies, utilities, rural electric associations, wind turbine manufacturers, industrial firms, communities, remote homes and businesses, policy-makers.

Principal: Timothy L Olsen, MSME, PE (CO, 29136), NABCEP Small Wind (091110-4), NABCEP Solar PV (051112-135).

Senior Engineer: Bryan R Kushner, MSME, EIT, Wind Energy Technology and Small Wind Installation, Green Careers, Feb 2012.

Expertise: Licensed professional engineer with 25 years of experience in renewable energy system design, engineering, and project management.

Date of Inception: September 1990.